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New Treatment Option!

Hamilton Clinic is now offering advanced treatment with a Decompression Table.  This type of treatment is similar to Vax-D.  Decompression Tables are very beneficial in the relief of low back pain issues such as bulging discs, herniations, etc.

Are you getting your D?

Calcium is needed for healthy bone structure.  But without an adequate supply of vitamin D, your body may not be able to absorb enough calcium to maintain healthy bones.  Vitamin D also may be effective in some other body functions, including muscular health and reducing the risk of developing diabetes. 
How can you get Vitamin D?  The skin of the human body is able to produce Vitamin D through exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight, making some exposure to sunlight beneficial (Wearing clothing and topical sunscreen blocks the UV rays).  Other methods acquiring Vitamin D... drinking fortified milk, and oral vitamins.

 Calcium and Weight Loss

Dietary calcium has recently been associated  with weight loss.    More specifically, it may facilitate fat loss, excretion of dietary fat, the reversal of gradual weight gain, the prevention of fat storage, raising metabolism, increasing HDL (good cholesterol), and the reduction of both kidney stones and symptoms of PMS. 


Stretching for Improved Performance

Flexibility is essential for maintaining health and good performance, either at work or on the athletic field.  Stretching is an important aspect of keeping your muscles at good working lengths, and allows your joints to move more freely.  A good stretching program will include the following techniques:

. Perform a slow, low level cardiovascular exercise (if possible) prior to stretching.  This will warm up the muscles, making the stretching easier.
2. Stretch only until tension is felt in the muscle.  If the stretch is giving you discomfort or pain, you are stretching too hard.
3. Breathe!!! Do not hold your breath.
4. Stretch at least three times a week to increase your flexibility.
5. Use slow movements while stretching, and do not "bounce" the stretch. A slow controlled stretch will decrease your chance of overstretching.
6. Hold the stretches for at least 20-30 seconds.  Repeat each stretch at least four times. 


People with chiropractic insurance were hospitalized for back pain 41% less often than those without.
 - Source:  Acrchives of Internal Medicine

We would like to thank you for reccommending us to your family, friends and co workers who need our care.

Exercise can trim abdominal fat

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